Monday, June 7, 2010

Started 'Poverty Free USA' blog

Check out Poverty Free USA blog here. I plan on fully developing the blog this summer.

- S

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A new blog for the new age

Well, this is not really a new age - just the same old age of humans - however long it may be now (200,000 years since the appearance of modern humans?) - but this is definitely a new blog, & its purpose is to develop & share a new idea (or maybe a very old idea under a new name); I am calling the idea Positive Human. Plan is to: celebrate instances where people have solved problems & made the world a better place for themselves & others, think & write about how lives & living in this world can be improved, & examine ideas useful to living well on this planet. Will be blogging here while solving my day to day problems, getting film & other work done, generally living & rocking out (including taking breaks/down time) - but I hope to blog often here & I hope this blog turns into a useful source of inspiration for others.

- Sujewa